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The electricity market is becoming the hub for direct marketing of wind power. To operate successfully at this complex intersection between energy industry and meteorology profound specialist knowledge from both fields is required. This finding motivated us to bring together the long standing market experiences of enervis and anemos. With our cooperation we set the standard for innovative products for the European wind markets and offer consulting of exceptional quality.

enervis energy advisors GmbH

We are a consulting company specialized on the energy industry.
Our services extends from market monitoring and analysis over the development of market strategies and their implementation in business concepts to operational support including the development of computer-based analytical models. In the wind market we are active as advisors in due diligence projects and help our clients to optimize the revenues of their generation assets on all possible target markets.

Core activities
  • Independent market analysis for renewable energy, conventional power generation and natural gas
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities (conventional and renewable power plants, gas storage, electricity and heat storage, procurement contracts)
  • Development of concepts and operational structures for energy trading and sales (natural gas, electricity and heat)
Areas of expertise
  • Market analysis and assessment, market structure and design
  • Long-term price forecasts: market scenario calculations (until 205) for all EU power markets
  • Balancing energy market: market analysis, forecast of price developments
  • Power plant dispatch: dispatch on all relevant markets (wholesale/spot, intraday, balancing markets)
  • Business planning: cost and revenue planning, profit and loss, tax
  • Wind power: project assessment, due diligence, project development, market studies
  • Renewable energy: market integration of renewables, portfolio calculations, market premium model
Client base
  • German energy suppliers (gas and electricity)
  • European energy suppliers (gas and electricity)
  • National and international wind investors
  • Large industrial clients and industry/sector associations

anemos Gesellschaft für Umweltmeteorologie mbH

anemos GmbH is one of the premier international consulting firms active in wind power meteorology. Our clients trust our outstanding experience of more than 25 years of consulting services in the wind energy market.

The anemos Gmbh as an accredited laboratory according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 offers a high degree of proven technical competence and provides a quality management system which ensures the quality of all methodologies and results depicted by anemos.

Core activities
  • Independent bankable site assessment studies
  • Wind measurements (mast, Lidar)
  • Wind data analysis
  • Energy yield estimations (WAsP for flat terrain, CFD for complex terrain)
  • Mesoscale modelling (wind atlas for France, Germany, Europe, market value atlas, wind and power index)
  • Due diligence
Client base
  • Wind farm developers and operators
  • Financing institutions
  • Investors
  • Governmental bodies
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Contact Person


Dipl.-Ing. Eckhard Kuhnhenne-Krausmann
Managing Director
Fon: +49 (0)30 695175-0

Contact person


Dr. Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp
Managing Director
Fon: +49 4131 8308-0