anemos GmbH is certified under the terms of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to carry out tests in the following fields:

  • Determination of the wind potential at wind turbine locations
  • Calculation of the mean annual energy yield
  • Determination, evaluation and analysis of wind measurements
  • Determination of 60%-reference certificate - adequate to German Renewable-Energy-Law (EEG)
  • Calculation of the turbulence intensity
  • Calculation of shadow impact of wind turbines
  • Estimation of sound immissions of wind turbines
  • Calculation of wind atlasses and preparation of a wind- and energy yield index
  • Preparation of revenue reports
  • Calculation of markt value atlasses
  • certificate of accreditation and annex (german)
  • certificate of accreditation (english)
  • annex (english)

The anemos GmbH as a company accredited according to the above mentioned guidelines works with a comprehensive quality management. The anemos GmbH is regularly inspected by external third parties which ensures the compliance with the formal requirements, the professional expertise and the quality of the results.
The accreditation includes the methodologies of the anemos GmbH to prepare the wind time series which are used as data base for Market Value Atlas and Revenue Report. The analyses (revenue calculation) of the Revenue Report were also professionally inspected in the context of the accreditation process.
The energy market modelling and the prognosis of electricity tariffs performed by enervis are not included in the accreditation.

Contact person


Dr. Heinz-Theo Mengelkamp
Managing Director
Fon: +49 4131 8308-0