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The Market Value Atlas offers (supra-)regional information about the market value. It comprises graphics and data and enables a hands-on assessment of the market value of wind power. The Market Value Atlas visualizes the historic deviations between wind farm revenues and the POLPX IRDN price index on a countrywide scale. Each Market Value Atlas displays the revenue deviation of a specific turbine model against the IRDN price index.

Online version of the Market Value Atlas

The online version of the market Value Atlas combines a selection of the most common wind turbine models, hub heights for the last years. A comparison of the market values of different locations and turbine models helps investors to assess opportunities and risks of planned and existing wind farm projects. Therefore, the Market Value Atlas is a Must-Have for quick portfolio analysis. It shows which wind farm sites and turbine technologies are favorable with regard to the auction system.

The Market Value Atlas also enables wind turbine manufacturers to assess and compare their products with respect to market value.

Market Value Atlas web tool for Poland

The online-demo version illustrates the features of the market value atlas for Poland. Here you can experience the diverse opportunities of the Market Value Atlas based on exemplary turbine types, hub-heights and time periods. Simply click on the following link.

enervis anemos marketvalueatlas demo


Further explanations for the Market Value Atlas

Location and technology of a wind farm determine the dimension of the price difference as shown in the figure below for an exemplary historic year and two different wind turbine types. The smaller the price difference the higher is the income from the wholesale power market (i.e. higher market value of the wind turbine).

polish irdn index

Market Value Atlases: differences to the Polish price index and in consequence different revenues for two exemplary wind turbines in zl/MWh

The methodology to calculate the data base (time series of wind speed) provided by anemos for this report were verified in the scope of the accreditation. The energy market modelling and the prognosis of electricity tariffs performed by enervis are not included in the accreditation.


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