Project-specific market values

Historical analysis of project-specific market values.

enervis anemos Marktwertatlas

By carrying out a market value analysis for a specific wind farm the historical market value of the project can be determined. The analysis of the project’s market value serves for a well-founded estimation of the price differences to the relevant Polish price index (IRDN, POLPX) and is therefore highly relevant for all plant operators and investors.(e.g. for the acquisition of existing projects or for the evaluation of new projects).

For the analysis of the project-specific market value all relevant influencing parameters like the predicted long-term yield and project-specific restrictions such as acoustic noise, shadowing and shutdowns due to nature conservation legislation are taken into account. The basis for all this is the anemos wind atlas with correspondent long-term calibration as well as (existing) energy yield reports for the specific wind farm location.

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